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Zimbabwe: Online UK Reality Show Premieres

A new online reality show titled “Zimbabweans with Attitude, Glam & Style” premiered last week in London and it reflects on the glamorous life of UK-based Zimbabwean women and their love interests.

Starring stylist and aspiring model Precious “Cookies” Matare and fashion designer Gladys Smith, the show was created by UK-based Zimbabwean producer Kenny Gasa. Speaking in an interview, Gasa said the show documents the lives of ambitious and glamorous Zimbabweans living in London, as well as their friends and love interests.

“The idea came from the word SWAG which was popular a few years back and we just put our own twist to it. The show itself focuses on a number of characters, mainly Zimbabweans living in London. We follow their day to day life showing all angles, where they hang out, their lifestyle, their dating life and also their business ambitions,” he said.

Smith who is a single mother said she joined the crew to show single parents that they can do it all.

“I wanted to participate in the reality tv show to show people that I am a single mother, I run my own business, I design and make clothes, and at the same time I am a good parent to my child. I wanted the single parents to see that you can do it, you can be a great mum and a good business person and at the same time, have a great social life with your friends and enjoy your life,” said Gladys.

Gasa said he decided no work with the ladies after noticing their influence and bubbly personalities on social media.

“I noticed that the two of them had a following online as well as interesting characters so I suggested a reality TV show for them. They were interested and we took it from there. This is a pilot show, meaning that we want to raise enough funds to go into full production of the series,” said Gasa

He said they will be adding more cast members including people from other African countries such as Dimeji from Nigeria who appears in the first episode.

“Our main ambition was to make entertainment for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans. We wanted Shona in there because we need to make sure we keep our language alive in media as well as in our everyday life. We speak to each other in Shona quite a lot and it is natural to us, so we felt it was important to include it. We however aim to include other local languages like Ndebele and from other African countries as well,” said Gasa.

Gasa said they have been getting amazing feedback from viewers about the show.

“We are having great responses about ZWAGS so far. We are trying to spread the word and are hoping to reach more Zimbabweans, both in Zim and in diaspora, as well as get into other African markets. People can watch the show online on Vimeo,” said Gasa.

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