VOX AFRICA (Sky Channel 218)

8.15pm -8.30pm: WOMENS CORNER hosted by Rochelle Ferguson

Women’s Corner: A weekly show in which host Rochelle Ferguon talks to women who are doing inspiring things with their lives. The aim is to encourage viewers to take the plunge and try something they’ve always wanted to do.

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9pm – 10pm: HOTSEAT hosted by Akintayo Adetokunbo

HOTSEAT is a topical debate programme which a panel of invited guests debate on various issues surrounding different subjects including current events, at the hearts of Africans both in the diaspora and in Africa.

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1pm – 2pm: SHOOT THE MESSENGER hosted by Henry Bonsu

STM is a weekly current affairs review aimed at the African diaspora. Join Henry Bonsu and his panel of very special guests as they navigate through the Sunday papers, the big stories of the week, books, events, as well as plenty of arts and culture!

Email: stm@voxafrica.com

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