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8pm: POINTBLANK hosted by Demola Aladele

POINT BLANK is an informative, educative and entertaining programme designed to create awareness to its numerous audience around the world and keep them in tune with numerous opportunities that might be around them

  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Information
  • Entertainment



lets talk about it

8pm – 9pm: LETS TALK ABOUT IT hosted by Olapeju Agunbiade

Most couples enter the path towards parenthood expecting that it will occur without too much problem. After all, they spend most of their lives trying not to get pregnant and assume that when they consciously start trying, pregnancy will soon be achieved. This show is here to address all that…

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8pm – 9pm: REALITIES..A MOMENT WITH SUSIE hosted by Susie Retiola

Are you having a storming life that seems like the end of the road? Or a weary traveller going through the journey of life seems very lonely? Discovering yourself might have become very elusive? Or just curious about this wonder called life?

Join Susie as she helps unravel your curiosity and find answers to your questions! Come on ‘REALITIES’…..a moment with Susie” on Fusion plus TV. Stepping out of our bubbles and facing Reality.

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