Help save the Black Heritage Today magazine


It’s difficult to remember when this Black History month publication wasn’t around. It seems as though it’s been around for ever. Actually the truth is it started 10 years ago this year!

And in those ten years, it has been the nation’s pivotal point to find out what is going on in your area for Black history month, along with uplifting features about people of African descent who have overcome despite their circumstance, not to mention people who are breaking or have ‘broken through’ the glass ceiling. And what about how it’s brought to the forefront some of the controversial historical facts that have been left out of Britain’s history books? Who says we have no role models – it’s all here in Black Heritage Today magazine!


Its author is Barbara Campbell, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. But with this product it has always been about the community rather than a ‘get rich’ scheme. Now with advertisers falling away due to budget cut there is a real threat that this magazine may not survive. If we are to keep the Black history month bible (which comes out only once a year in October). then the community has to react. We’ve got to buy, simple as that.


Let’s demonstrate what we can do together just because it’s something we care about.


With no outside funding, Barbara Campbell has selflessly given to a great deal to our community since the production of Black Heritage Today in 2003.


It’s time we came together as one and supported this project that highlights achievement, events and all that is great about us.


Can we do one of two things: pre-order a copy via: -the mag has to go to print in September – or send this email to all your networks, or both.


Many, many thanks

Simon Wooley

Barbara Campbell speaks on the matter

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