Little Brother’s Big Opportunity Launch Deadline October 3rd 2014…

Following the success of Little Brother Productions’ 2010 & 2012 initiatives, we are once again offering a talented writer £1000 to develop an original television drama idea of theirs through to treatment with.

To be eligible, writers must have had one piece of their work professionally produced or, at the very least, have had a professional reading of their work. Writers who have contributed episodes to UK television series or serials (e.g. a long running soap) are eligible to apply, but writers who have already had an original single, series or serial broadcast on UK television are not eligible to enter. No prior writing experience for television is required.

To apply, writers must submit their writing CV and the piece of their work of which they are most proud, that best demonstrates their talent (this could be a stage play, a radio play or a screenplay) For more information go to the Little Brother Website: