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Channels 24 UK Officially Launched

Viewers can find the new station on Sky Channel 575. Airing on Virgin Media and Freesat will soon follow.

Channels 24 brings African and international news and current affairs content – politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and health – to viewers in the UK. The launch is part of Channels Television’s strategic plan to move the company’s regional broadcasting to a global level.

Commenting on the station’s launch, co-founder and chairman, John Momoh, said: “We are delighted that we are able to extend our services to the UK. As the world’s fastest-growing continent, international interest in Africa is increasing. The spotlight is on our continent and Africa must rise to the occasion. Channels 24 is the world’s window on Africa”.

UK viewers can already watch Channels 24 on Sky Channel 575, but the station will also be launching on Freesat and Virgin Media soon, bringing African news to over 15 million new viewers across the UK and worldwide.

Channels 24 is produced by Channels Television, Africa’s leading private-sector media outlet based in Africa’s most populous nation and the continent’s leading economy, Nigeria.

Channels Television was founded by John and Olusola Momoh over 20 years ago.

With an audience of over 20 million viewers in Nigeria, Channels Television is already one of Africa’s largest private-sector media outlet.

Mrs Momoh, broadcaster and co-founder of Channels Television, told reporters that the station would give authentic news on Africa.

“We are proud of this great achievement as a family, as broadcasters, and as Nigerians. Our story is a triumph of the spirit of African entrepreneurship. We are looking to give viewers around the world access to authentic news on Africa in particular,” she said.

The station is the highest award-winning broadcaster on the continent, having won Nigeria’s ‘Television Station of the Year’ Award nine times in the last 14 years, earning the title ‘Station of the Decade’ in Africa. Channels Television was also crowned as the best television station in Africa by the African Achievers Award Trust in February 2014.

The official launch of the station in the UK was celebrated at a dinner event held at Hotel Café Royal in London.