Bang Radio to rebrand as The Beat London

Community station BANG Radio will change its name to The Beat London 103.6 FM on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th March 2016.

Station bosses say The Beat London will ‘continue to fly the flag high for British youth culture and music as the award-winning BANG Radio has for over 10 years’.

The new name comes from a station in Nigeria, The Beat 99.9FM, which the station is creating links with.

Leading The Beat London team is Ivor Etienne, previously with Choice FM. Ivor confirms the plans to change the name: “We are incredibly proud of what BANG Radio and Life FM (previously known as) has achieved, but we are excited to introduce a new era for the station; The Beat London 103.6FM – representing and providing a voice for young black urban London to the world.

“Music will remain at the core of our programming, it’s what we are trusted for and what we do best, but we look forward to becoming recognized for being a platform for the under-25s community; a space where their talents, opinions, views and ideas beat at the heart of our station.

“We are also very proud to announce that we are teaming up with The Beat 99.9FM in Nigeria – our new sister station shares our ethos and passion for music and working with young people. They are also currently playing an important role in closing the gap between the media industries across Africa and the World and we are excited to become a part of this!

“We look forward to future collaborations, adding a global element to our work and joining the dots between the UK and Africa!”

Chris Ubosi, CEO of THE BEAT 99.9FM Nigeria adds: “We are excited to expand THE BEAT FM’s passion to develop music talents and the energy of young people from Africa to the World, beginning with the UK. This is a great opportunity to further demonstrate the potential that music and media have to unite youths across the world.”