New Black Netflix? Kweli TV launches TV for the global Black community

Not that we assume you are ready to give up “Orange is the New Black” or “House of Cards,” but a new version of your beloved Netflix is set to hit computer screens this winter and we think you might be interested in the platform. KweliTV, an online streaming service, will offer more diverse programming and what’s more, it was founded by a Black woman, DeShuna Spencer.

Kweli (pronounced kwal-lee) means truth in Swahili and the new platform plans to offers documentaries, news programs, original docuseries, educational content and independent films representing the global Black community.

Spencer is a communications and journalism major from Jackson State University and also the brains behind Empire Magazine a online destination focused on combining journalism with social activism in order to seek change.

After reading through the news and comments surrounding kweliTV, Spencer could be found in the comments open to content suggestions and submissions. For all of you film and series makers, this may be a great opportunity to get in while the pot is still brewing.

The online platform and app has plans to launch in December 2015 and currently has a beta phase open for those who may be interested on getting a head start. KweliTV is asking for $19.95 per year for those willing to become a part of its beta community.

We’re looking forward to more diverse programming on the web and a place to find it in one destination.

Will you be signing up for kweliTV? What do you think is missing from the likes of our beloved Netflix?