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Radio Biafra London Organise Demonstration in Memory of Biafra War

Yesterday 30th May marked 47th Anniversary of the creation of the  Republic of Biafra. The creation of this state triggered what was knwon as the Nigerian Civil War (Biafra War) which lasted from 30th May 1967 – 15 January 1970. around 3.5 million Biafrans were killed.

In memory of this the team at Radio Biafra London,(along with various Biafran groups) organised demonstrations across the world.

Radio Biafra London which broadcasts everyday 7pm to 10pm

(Radio Biafra also does live broadcasts from different bases across the world, i.e. Russia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Nigeria, to name a few)

Here are a list of books that tackle the Biafra War, get them now, whilst they are available. Don’t wait till they are out of print,then complain that you can’t find anything



Nigeria and Biafra: My Story by Phillip Effiong (Vice President of the Republic of Biafra) 

There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra by Chinua Achebe

The Future That Vanished: A Biafra Story by P.J Odu 

The Untold Story of the Nigeria-Biafra War by Luke Nnaemeka Aneke

Biafra Revisited by Herbert Ekwe Ekwe 

They Died in Vain by Celestina Ischei-Isamah

No Place To Hide: Crisis and Conflicts Inside Biafra by Bernard Odogwu 

Surviving in Biafra: The Story of the Nigerian Civil War by Alfred Uzokwe

Biafra Sunset in Biafra by Elechi Amadi 

Nigeria Ojukwu Azikwe Biafra Beyond The Rising Sun by Dr S Okechuwku Mezu

Reflections on the Nigerian Civil War: facing the Future by  Ralph Uwechue 

The Broken Back Axle: Unspeakable Events in Biafra by Obi N Ebbe

War Stories: A Memoir of Nigeria and Biafra by John Sherman

The Biafra-Nigeria War: A hUman Tragedy by Godfrey Chukwugozie Okeke 

Biafra or Nigerian Presidency: What the Ibos Want by Emeka Adolf Chigozie Emekesiri

A Biafran Soldiers Survival from the Jawa of Death: Nigerian Biafran Civil War by Jerome Agu Nwadike 

Last Train to Biafra: Memories of a Biafran Child by Diliorah Chukwurah

Biafra: Lest We Forget by Richie Adewusi 

The Republic of Biafra: Once Upon A Time In Nigeria My Story Of The Biafra-Nigerian Civil War – A Struggle For SURVIVAL (1967-1970) by Dr Onyema Nkwocha

88 Days in Biafra by Samuel Enadeghe Umweni 

Biafra: The Memory of the Music by Jim Malia           

Red Belt: Biafra Rising by Samuel Ikpe

Shadows: Airlift and Airwar in Biafra and Nigeria 1967-1970 by Michael I Draper




I Saw Biafra by Ndubueze Akuneme

Destination Biafra by Buchi Emecheta

What A War: On Being a Biafran Soldier by Ray Anyasi 

War Games by Dulue Mbachu

Half of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche 

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozie Adiche