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The Review: At Her Best & SOAS Nigerian & Ghana Society presents……The Gift of Love

In an era where the concept of Love is being tested and strained due to the ever changing global society, it is nice to attend and to be within an environment as I was on the afternoon of Saturday 14th February, where the concept of Love was celebrated, courtesy of AT HER BEST.

SOAS served as the hosting venue for the premier event of AT HER BEST, a ministry for all young women in our community striving to be the best daughter, mother, sister, friend and wife they can be.

Hosted by Anthonette Isioma and Chioma Ishiodu.

After the opening prays and the introductory statements from Founder Anthonette and Co-Founder Chioma, the attendees were treated to a wealth of stories, information and testimonies from the panel and others revolving around the theme of Love.


Grace Oggudah: Mentor / Entrepreneur / Co-Founder of Weather Proof Marriage

– Spoke on the origins of Weather Proof Marriage ( which originally started as a facebook page for her and her husband to document their journey together.
– She spoke on the difficulty her and her husband had during the early stages of their courtship as both of them came from broken homes.
– Spoke on the impact their faith had played in their marriage.


“…If we don’t understand what love is, we are unable to fulfil our purpose…”


Tobi Olujinmi: Lawyer, International Speaker & Founder of W Talk

– Spoke on the history of her company W Talk (, a lifestyle and entertainment network for women.

– Touched on what love means to her and made references to the bible, as well as her and her husband’s experiences to elaborate on her points. She broke down her idea of love into three areas.

1) Understanding Gods Love
2) They Will Know You By Your Love
3) Accepting Gods Love


“…I [God] loved you with an everlasting love…”


Nicholas Thomas: Inspirational Speaker with a Pastoral gift.

– He spoke on his experiences as an evangelist.
– The difficulty he has had speaking with young men about love, i.e. how men in today’s society see it as not being normal.
– The need for love to be demonstrated more openly in society.
– Touched on the way in which Jesus ministered to people in the bible.


“… Sacrifice does not feel like sacrifice when you truly love…”


Timothy A. Adelegan: Senior Pastor of Salem Northampton & Founder & CEO of TAKE Projects

– Gave his analysis on the role preachers’ play in promoting God’s love.
– Passages in the bible where God teaches people about Love.
– How he has been making a concerted effort to promote Love in 2015.
– How God first came to him after his early trials and tribulations.


“.. As we grow in our love for God our love for people will be automatic…”


Marian Adekojun

– Her testimony was on her fight against death, after previously suffering a rare allergic reaction from prescribed eye drops in 2011.
– The allergic reaction had caused her to be covered with blisters from head to toe and lose layers of her skin.
– Her mother then spoke about the close relationship she has with her daughter, and how their faith and love of God helped them to beat the illness.
– Marian had documented her whole experience via publishing her book ‘My Life Is Not My Own.’


Kelechi Iwumene – who performed his poem, ‘How To Love a Woman.’
– It spoke as words of counsel and advice to the various women who have enriched and impacted his life, i.e. his mother, sister and his female friends.

Amia Brave – Played her single titled ‘Isaiah 45.’

Marian Adekojun – shares her powerful testimony. In 2011 the 23 year old nearly died after suffering an allergic reaction from eye drops and is now healed by the grace of God.

Obi Iwumene – Entertained and educated us with his spoken word/ poetry trilogy, breaking down love to its true essence.

Nkem Onyiah – Who closed the event with her performance of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ which she chose to acknowledge the love she has for her younger brother. The song was dedicated to him.

We thank the speakers;
Timothy A. Adelegan, Grace Oggudah, Tobi Olujinmi and Nicholas Thomas.

Thanks to;
Marian Adekogun

To the various talents who performed on the day; Obi Iwumene, Amiah Brave, Kelechi Iwumene and Nkem Onyiah.

Special thanks to;
SOAS Nigerian & Ghanaian Society, Yasmin Jayesimi, Chigbo Ibe, James Tyson, Clive Watson, Daniel Wardle and Sarian Ayotunde Ogiemundia.

Editors Notes: AT HER BEST was founded in 2014 by Anthonette Isioma and Chioma Ishiodu. It is a ministry for all young women in our community striving to be the best daughter, mother, sister, friend and wife they can be.

Join us at our next event in SOAS University in May 2015!

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Written by Chigbo JP Ibe (Editor In Chief & Founder of AC GLobal Voices)