Meet the team behind new UK platform building diversity in film and TV

MEET THE faces behind The Colour Network, a new platform in the UK aiming to build diversity in film TV and animation for the “stars of tomorrow”.

They include CEO, comedian Kojo, managing editor and part owner Annika Allen and director Sheridan D Myers.

Kojo said his hope for the channel was to promote new writes, film producers, directors and animators and “give them a platform to build their brands in the industry”.

Annika Allen brings to the table over 10 years of experience from co-owning Flavour magazine, to working with top brands and helping them with marketing.

Annika will approve all outgoing content on the network, while director and film maker Sheridan Myers comes on board as part owner and head of production.

Sheridan boasts over 10 years as a commercial, music and film director.

Sheridan will be working with new talented directors wanting to work on documentaries, film and helping them develop their creativity and opportunities.

“This will be a new exciting platform for exciting new and old talent from all backgrounds,” Kojo said.

The Colour Network will launch this summer.

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