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Media Watch:24th – 28th June 2019



10.30pm: The Truth about Getting Fit

Michael Mosley and a team of scientists investigate some of the easiest and most effective ways to get the biggest benefits of exercise


BBC Radio 4

Analysis: Can computer profiles cut crime?

David Edmonds examines how algorithms are used in our criminal justice system, from predicting future crime to helping decide who does and doesn’t go to prison.

While police forces hope computer software will help them to assess risk and reduce crime, civil rights groups fear that it could entrench bias and discrimination.

Analysis asks if these new computer tools will transform policing – and whether we need new laws to regulate them.


9pm: Egypt’s Lost Queens

Professor Joann Fletcher examines the lives and reigns of four of ancient Egypt’s most powerful female rulers, exploring what it was like to be a woman of influence in those times


9pm: The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files

David Olusoga opens previously unseen government files to argue that the Windrush scandal and the ‘hostile environment’ for black British immigrants has been 70 years in the making


11.15pm: Being Blacker (2018)

Molly Dineen’s documentary about Blacker Dread, a Jamaican-born reggae producer, businessman, father, son and pillar of the community in Brixton.


BBC Radio 4

2.15pm: Zimbabwe – After Independence

When black civil servant, Charles, tries to persuade white landowner, Guy, to sell his farm, he meets a family at breaking point. The white farm owners in Zimbabwe have seen their neighbours intimidated, attacked and bought out, and now Guy’s farm, Independence, is next. May Sumbwanyambe’s play is inspired by real events in the late 1990’s when white-owned farms in Zimbabwe were seized by thousands of war veterans. Adapted from Papatango Theatre’s recent award-winning stage production.


11.35pm: The Insider: Reggie Yates in the Mexican Drug War

Reggie Yates joins the soldiers of the 56th Infantry Battalion in Acapulco, who are on the frontline of the fight to control the city’s powerful and violent drug cartels


11.15pm: Back in Time for Brixton

Part one of two. The Irwins experience 50 years of black British history, discovering how post-war Caribbean immigration transformed the way of life in the UK

12.15am: Back in Time for Brixton

Part two of two. The Irwins experience life in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, discovering how a new generation of black Britons made their way through three decades of British history

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