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Media Watch: Sunday 17th August – Saturday 23rd August


BBC World Service

7.32am: Love from Hate

Lourens Groenewald is a white South African and a former policeman, who was involved in the notorious suppression of the Soweto Uprising. Dorah Mazibuko is a black South African whose son was active in the fight against apartheid. Mpho Lakaje tells the story of their unlikely friendship.


8pm: Tutu’s Children (Ep3)

Young African leaders are challenged to put their ideas into practice on the ground, and breaking African taboos tests their friendships.


11pm: Egypt’s Lost Cities

Dallas Campbell and Liz Bonnin join Dr Sarah Parcak on a journey to Egypt to find out whether cities, temples and pyramids are lying beneath the sands. The potential existence of the buildings was suggested by satellites as part of an alternative approach to archaeology



BBC World Service

6.32pm: Discovery: Antibiotics Resistance Crisis

The discovery and harnessing of antibiotic drugs in the mid twentieth century led some medics to predict the end of infectious diseases. But the bacteria fought and continue to fight back, evolving resistance to many of the drugs that used to kill them. Public health officials warn that without new drugs, medicine will return to the days where ‘a cut finger on Monday leads to death of Friday’. Without protective antibiotics to keep infections at bay, scores of standard surgical operations and chemotherapy for cancer will become too risky.

Roland Pease looks at scientific issues behind the gathering crisis. The last new class of antibiotics was discovered in the 1980s. Are there any others in the pipeline?



8pm: Tonight: The Food we Eat

New series. A second run of programmes exploring Britain’s relationship with food. One in five families eat convenience food at least three times a week and it is claimed only one in six cook a fresh meal from scratch every day. Jonathan Maitland investigates what can be done to get the nation back in the kitchen.



9pm: Horizon: Should I Eat Meat- The Big Health Dilemma (Pt1)

In the first of two programmes this week investigating the truth about meat, Michael Mosley asks if those summer barbecue favourites – burgers and sausages – are as bad as some people think. He puts the latest scientific findings to the test on a high-meat diet to discover whether eating beef and bacon every day will do him any harm.


Channel 4

11.05pm: Dispatches: Nigeria’s Hidden War

The kidnap of almost 300 schoolgirls by Nigeria’s hardline Islamist fighters Boko Haram in Chibok in April caused international outrage. It sparked a global campaign demanding their return and pledges of increased military support to Nigeria from the UK, the US and other nations.

However, as the girls languish in guerrilla camps with no sign of rescue, Dispatches reporter Evan Williams investigates another side to Nigeria’s war on Islamist terror – claims of a violent campaign by its security forces against ordinary civilians.



BBC Radio 4

4.30pm: Great Lives – Baroness Oona King on Ida B. Wells

Matthew Parris leads a discussion on Ida B. Wells the African American civil rights and women’s rights activist who was a political trailblazer.

Throughout her life, Wells was militant in her demands for equality and justice for black Americans and she encouraged the African American community to fight for positive change through their own efforts.

She was an investigative journalist who highlighted the practice of lynching in the United States, showing how it was used as a way to control or punish blacks , often under the guise of trumped up rape charges. Ida was also active in women’s rights and the women’s suffrage movement, establishing several notable women’s organizations.

She was a skilled and inspiring rhetorician, and traveled internationally on lecture tours. She is the great life chosen this week by Baroness Oona King.




BBC Radio 4

2.32pm: The Documentary – Roots Reggae and Rebellion

Rastafari is Jamaica’s most famous export. British musican and poet Akala examines the culture of his Rastafarian heritage.



8pm: Witness: Bnking the Unbanked

Is microfinance the answer to poverty? Two young Gambian bankers work to make their microfinance institution Reliance into a successful business.



9pm: Horizon: Should I Eat Meat – How to Feed the Planet

Part two of two. Every year roughly 65 billion animals are slaughtered globally for food – nine for every living person. In this documentary, Michael Mosley examines the impact this is having on the planet and finds out what meat we should be buying if we want to be eco-friendly carnivores. Is it better to purchase free-range organic or factory-farmed options? The answers are far from obvious.


Channel 4

12.10am: Something from Nothing – The Art of Rap

Documentary in which rapper and actor Ice-T visits both old-school icons and reigning superstars to discuss the art behind rap music. With contributions from Dr Dre, Eminem, Run DMC and Snoop Lion.



BBC Radio 4

11am: Democracy and the Arts in South Africa

Twenty years on from the end of apartheid, what role can the arts play now in helping South African society develop? Recorded with an audience at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Bridget Kendall talks to playwright Mike Van Graan, poet Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, arts journalist Percy Mabandu, and jazz singer Nomfundo Xaluva who performs live for us.

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