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Media Watch: Monday 20th June – Friday 25th June 2016



3.30pm: Talk to Al Jazeera : Niger Youth

Despite violence and the refugee crisis young people in Niger tell us why hope remains.


BBC Radio 4

4pm: A Portrait of Lemin Sesay

Fiona Graham-Mackay has painted hundreds of portraits, including Seamus Heaney and Sir Andrew Motion. “It’s in the space between sentences that people reveal themselves,” she says.

Recorded in Lemn’s home and at the Foundling Museum in London, where Lemn is a fellow, the programme follows the portrait taking shape. It’s an intimate experience, peeling away the layers to capture the essence of the sitter as seen through the artist’s eye. And in this, conversations meander in unexpected places.

Features a reading of “Suitcases and Muddy Parks” from Rebel Without Applause by Lemn Sissay, published by Canongate. Used with permission.


BBC Radio 4

8pm: Borders of Sanity: Healing in Ghana

What options do people in Ghana have when a person suffers mental illness?

In this religious country, most people seek out spiritual interpretations or traditional methods of healing.

Despite there being only 18 trained psychiatrists in the whole of Ghana, advocates of Western-style practices have been pushing for the use of medication and the human rights of the mentally ill.

In this final programme of a four-part series, Christopher Harding asks whether spiritual and biological interpretations and treatments for mental illness can ever get along.




23.30pm: Africa Investigates : Ghana: Cancer Ward

Exposing the corrupt medical staff and hospitals that make big profits from fake diagnoses and bogus cancer treatments.


BBC Radio 4

8.45pm: Straight from the Root

VV Brown explains why after years of relaxing, weaving and extending it, she has embraced her natural hair.

A singer-songwriter, model and record producer, VV has long needed to take care of her image. But recent changes in her life have prompted her to ask why that has meant covering up her natural hair.



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