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MEDIA WATCH: Monday 17th – Friday 21st October




10.35pm: Ebola Frontline- Panorama

NHS doctors and nurses have been working on the frontline against Ebola in clinics in West Africa. Panorama spends a month in Sierra Leone with British-born Dr Javid Abdelmoneim as he works at a treatment centre run by the charity MSF. Not only does he treat the patients, he also uses specially adapted cameras to record the physical and emotional impact of this deadly virus on whole families and on the medical staff treating them. His films reveal that, even in these desperately difficult circumstances, there are moments of euphoria as patients who have been cured leave the centre. Postponed from November 10



11.20pm: Jamie Baulch: Looking for My Birth Mum

In 1973, Jamie Baulch was given up for adoption – and the former world champion sprinter has now decided to track down his birth mother. Helping him through the process is social worker Gemma Williams, but as he gets further into the search, he begins to question his own identity and seeks to find out whether his sporting talent is down to nature or nurture





10.30pm: Innovate Africa

New advances in literacy and learning today on Innovate Africa – solar-powered classrooms, coding for robots and cheap tablets developed specially for schools.




4.30pm: Witness- Seeds of Survival

Paul Kirika may be the sharpest-eyed botanist in Kenya! His team’s detective work, hunting rare plant species, could hold the key to food security.



8pm: Witness- Casablanca Calling

Women and Islam in Morocco is explored through the work of the newly installed female Morchidat or spiritual guides.



10.30pm: Africa Investigates : Zimbabwe: Stealing Lives

Exposing the shocking trade in stolen drugs that is costing the lives of tens of thousands of HIV/Aids sufferers in Zimbabwe.



11.35pm: Obsessed

Premiere. An executive with a successful job and a happy family life finds his world crumbling around him when a temporary worker is assigned to his office. The new arrival becomes fixated on him, going to desperate lengths to seduce him. When he rejects her, he and his wife’s lives are placed in danger. Thriller, starring Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter





BBC World Service

7.05pm: BBC Africa Debate – Did teh Arab Spring do more harm than good ?

Akwasi Sarpong, Owen Bennett Jones and a panel of experts in Tunis discuss the impact of the Arab Spring uprisings on Africa.


Channel 4

7.30pm: Unreported World

Reporter Kiki King and director Daniel Bogado visit Uganda to follow the inspirational work of the sign-language teachers who are trekking deep into the countryside to transform the lives of deaf children and adults, who have never been able to communicate until now. Last in the series

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