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Media Watch: 7th January – 11th January 2013


Community Channel

8am: Africa Goes Digital                                                                                                       Is Africa being left out of the digital revolution? This documentary highlights how Africa is making inroads into leveraging information technology for the continent’s development.

BBC Radio 4

11am: Phelophepa

Laverne Antrobus visits rural South Africa to tell the story of the extraordinary Phelophepa Health Train.

The Phelophepa (meaning good, clean health) is a mobile clinic which weaves its way through rural South Africa bringing doctors, nurses and psychologists to a population which has approximately one doctor for every five thousand people. Owned and operated by South Africa’s state freight rail company, Transnet, and funded by a variety of organisations and companies, the Phelophepa has twenty permanent staff who live on the train and up to forty medical students who come and go on placements.

For the programme Laverne caught up with the Phelophepa in Alice, a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She met doctors, student doctors, and of course the patients; many leave having received the treatment they need, however the painful truth is that not everyone can be seen. Often the train has to pull away for the next town, leaving patients (who had travelled miles to be there) behind.



Channel 4

10pm: Don’t Blame Facebook

Documentary tracking down people across the UK who have made extraordinary blunders on Facebook and other social media websites, revealing the potential dangers of sharing too much information online. Stories include the friends arrested on terror charges at a US airport after a joke tweet, the McDonald’s employee who went to jail after hacking an international superstar’s Facebook page and the model arrested in her pyjamas after police burst into her home investigating claims she was harassing a celebrity


BBC Radio 4

3pm: Money Box Live: Tax and Self-Assessment

Perhaps you want to know about your personal allowance, tax on savings, shares, pension contributions or buying a home?

Will there be tax to pay if you give away or sell a valuable possession?

And what happens if you transfer an asset to a current or former spouse or civil partner?

Waiting to share their knowledge will be:

Anita Monteith, Technical Manager, Tax Faculty, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Chas Roy-Chowdhury, Head of Taxation, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Eric Williams, Tax Partner, Grant Thornton

Whatever your tax question, our experts will do their best to help.


people power

10.30pm: People & Power – Ndiyindoda: I am a man                                                        

 Investigating allegations that circumcision rituals in South Africa result in the mutilation  and death of hundreds of young men every year.


10.30pm: People & Power – Spirit Child

Investigating the ritual murder of disabled children in Ghana – innocent victims of a belief that they are possessed by evil spirits.




8pm: Tutu’s Children (2013) Ep 1

Young professionals are coached to be inspiring African leaders of the future, in an experiment championed by the legendary Desmond Tutu.




10.15pm: Dame Shirley Bassey at the BBC

A compilation of archive performances by the singer to mark her 76th birthday – some 60 years after her vocal talent first achieved public recognition. Featuring footage from Show of the Week, The Shirley Bassey Show, the 2007 Glastonbury Festival and the star’s Electric Proms show in 2009. Songs include Goldfinger, Big Spender and Diamonds are Forever

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