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Arise News joins Freeview

Arise News has launched on the Freeview DTT platform, taking capacity on Arqiva’s recently launched MPEG-4 multiplex.

The international news channel established by the Nigerian publisher Nduka Obaigbena should reach around 72% of the UK population.

“Today, we reach yet another milestone as we launch on Freeview. ARISE News is committed to covering issues of the day and world events that matter from an uncommon perspective, engaging citizens of the world in an emerging new global order truly representing the experiences of the under-served communities often ignored by conventional media,” said Obaigbena.

“We are delighted to welcome ARISE News to the Freeview platform. Most Freeview HD homes will be able to enjoy the rich cultural and educational content available on the channel. We at Arqiva are committed to broadcasting a variety of content to offer viewers great channel and programme choices,” added Mike Finchen, director, Digital Terrestrial Television, Arqiva.

Arise News joins other news channels, BBC News, BBC News HD, Sky News, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera English HD, Al Jazeera Arabic and RT on Freeview.


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