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Africa Tech Stories: Francine Beleyi in conversation with Antonia Anni

In this #NOCTechAfrica series, Francine Beleyi, interview inspiring African Tech entrepreneurs in the diaspora and on the continent to explore how to unlock the immense potential of Africa and what it takes to succeed on the continent.
In today’s episode, Francine is in conversation with Antonia Anni, from Nigeria. She is a User Experience Consultant, Speaker, Author & Mentor. Her current focus is in Edtech and eCommerce.

In this second episode, you will hear about:
• User Experience and why it matters so much these days
• How her early passion with gaming led her to choose her path in life
• Some initiatives that are creating well rounded tech entrepreneurs in Africa able to compete on the global scene in a very short time
• Why being a woman in tech has never been an issue for her
• The importance of a support network and why having a mentor from your background is powerful and tips to recruit the right one
• Why being savvy in finance is a must
• The role of personal branding to achieve your goals faster
• How faith helps her to live a blessed, loving and non-judgmental life
• How to deal effectively with challenges that crop up on your path
• How Europe and Africa can make the most of their relations
• Why collaboration is important to make change happen in meaningful way
• And much more inspiring insights

Francine Beleyi is a digital communication and marketing strategist, entrepreneurial journalist, and change agent who helps businesses and leaders to thrive in the digital age. She spends her days speaking and studying the most successful entrepreneurs in the new economy, and sharing her findings with those who want to increase their results.
Francine is also a powerful speaker and a champion for action. Her transformational programs have helped hundreds of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals across industries to accelerate their results at critical moments in their organisations and life, to become more innovative and to adapt to the new economy.
She covers tech entrepreneurs, women in tech, Africa tech stories, digital marketing and digital transformation.

For more information, visit or follow her on Twitter @FrancineBeleyi #NOCTechAfrica

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