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The Japanese experience for Africans (Documentary)

The African diaspora in Japan currently accounts for about 0.01 percent of the total population, a drop in the ocean literally. While the number of expatriates in the archipelago surpassed the one million mark in 2016 for the first time, the number of Africans still remains low.

A reality facing Japanese authorities which they are trying to remedy is an aging population and lack of manpower . As a result, there are more opportunities available to Africans .


Afro Tax : More Than Hair (Documentary)

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BBC World Service Jobs with the Igbo Language Service


Africas media landscape is changing. It is one of the fastest developing news markets in the world with mobile technology transforming lives, internet connectivity increasing, the radio market remaining relatively strong and Television migrating from analogue to digital.

The BBC World Service remains the leading international broadcaster in Africa, reaching a weekly audience of more than 100 million across all platforms and Social Media. Globally, the BBC reaches a weekly audience of 320 million weekly across various platforms.

Over the next four years, the BBC World Service will be expanding its multimedia operations in Africa by doubling the number of language services from 6 to 12.

Three of the new language services, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin, will serve our audiences in Nigeria and West Africa. They will be based in Lagos, working alongside our operation in Abuja from where the BBC currently produces its Hausa service output. There is a strong emphasis on reaching and connecting with young audiences.

Please find below the current vacancies for the Igbo Language Service


·       Editor

·        Senior Broadcast Journalist

·        Broadcast Journalist

·        Digital Technical Producer

·        Igbo Reporter based in Enugu  


Checkout this podcast: Blacticulate

Blacticulate is hosted by Ade Bamgbala. The show focuses on UK Black business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals that are attached to some form of social enterprise. The show is definitely worth a listen if you’re trying to build your own business as an ethnic minority in this country.


Checkout this podcast: Melanin Millennials

Melanin Millennials is hosted by Imrie and Satia, they provide witty social commentary and dish out plenty of side-eyes to the loud and wrong. As millennial black women living in London, they keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s happening in the UK and on Twitter. It’s the ShoutOut Network’s flagship show and has grabbed some loyal fans already


Checkout this podcast: 20 Something

20 Something Podcast is hosted by Naomi Simon. 20 Something has been around for just over a year. Naomi’s aim is to raise social and political awareness that leads to positive action. It’s really relatable as the show covers millennial topics and issues. The show has had a some great guests and it’s one of our favourites. Be sure to check it out.