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Nubian Forum Talk Show Returns

The Nubian Forum Talk Show will be returning in January 2015.

The Nubian Forum Talk Show is a legendary platform hosted by Community Activists Kwaku Bonsu & Nii Kodjo. The Nubian Forum Talk Show use to broadcast previously on the now defunct Powerjam 92FM, every Tuesday evening.


The talk show was a pillar in our community for years, i.e. helping to raise money for community causes, READ HERE


The show will start  broadcasting on Power Extra Radio every Sunday from 12pm – 4pm some time in January 2015.


Find out more about Power Extra Radio at

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Voice newspaper wins ‘best media’ award

Britain’s longest-running black publication picks up prestigious accolade at African Enterprise Awards
Written by Gordon Gilmour

THE VOICE newspaper has been named best media house of the year at an awards ceremony celebrating African businesses.

The African Enterprise Awards took place on Saturday (Nov 22) to recognise excellence in African entrepreneurship, and The Voice scooped up one of the most coveted gongs.

Set up in 1982, the publication is Britain’s best-selling newspaper for the African and Caribbean community.

It beat contenders including Africa Channel, OHTV, IC Publications and VOX Africa.

George Ruddock, acting managing director at The Voice reflected on the achievement. He said: “We are obviously pleased to be chosen as the Media House of The Year, beating off top-level nominees.

“We are a newspaper which has certainly set out in the last year to focus heavily on Africa because we know it is the largest demographic [out of The Voice readership] here in the UK.

“[Africa] has some of the most impressive, emerging economies in the world and we realise that the focus on Africa, its culture, its music and what it offers the UK is very important and we will continue to focus on the continents and its diaspora through our pages.”

Washington Kapapiro, chairman of the Association for African Owned Enterprises said: “The awards represent a highly valued symbol of achievement; a coveted possession of the business people, professionals, academics, companies and community leaders who receive an award.”

The inaugural event was held at the Grand Connaught Rooms, in Holborn, central London, and welcomed a wealth of accomplished nominees.

The winners in each respective category were decided upon by an independent panel of judges such as leading financial journalist Gail Mwamba and Debbie Thomas, head of Africa Services Group at Deloitte.

Following the Brixton riots, The Voice was founded by Jamaican-born accountant, Val McCalla, who was awarded a grant from the Greater London Council, now the Greater London Authority (GLA), to fund his business venture.

Over its three-decade-plus reign as “Britain’s Best Black Newspaper”, The Voice has served the black community by giving them a voice where other mainstream newspapers have failed.

It has over the years been a thorn in the side of the establishment, campaigning on numerous issues and championing the causes of black people nationwide.

Ruddock discussed how the readership has changed over the years. “It has certainly improved, it has grown,” he said.

“We have taken on a number of issues to do with Africa this year, for instance, it is a hundred years since the emergence of modern Africa, the scramble for Africa.

“We have focused on that this year, as well as other issues such as the growth of Afrobeats which is one of the most popular music genres around.

“So I think everything points to the fact that Africa is on the rise, and we hope to satisfy the readership which is also growing in that area, starting with more focus groups.”

The black African population in Britain has doubled from 0.8 percent to 1.7 percent, or from 484,783 to 989,628 nominally, according to the 2011 census.

Between 2001 and 2011, those who identified as Black Caribbean has stabilised at 1.1 per cent, increasing nominally by only 29,204.
And those who identify as Black Other increased from 0.2 per cent to 0.5 percent, with a total population of 28,437.


Small Business of the Year- Renaissance Personne

Young Business Leader of the Year – Ashish Thakkar – Mara Group

African Journalist of the Year- Yvonne Ndege – Al-jazeera

Media House of the Year – The Voice

African Restaurant of the Year – Shaka Zulu

African Academic of the Year – Dr. Thandika Mkandawire – London School of Economics

African Charity of the Year – Africa Justice Foundation

African Personality of the Year – Eddie Kadi – Comedian

Community Champion of the Year – Barbara Kasumu – Elevation Networks

“Out of Africa” Company of the Year – Eco Bank

African Financier of the Year – Homestrings

Business Executive of the Year – Tony Ofori – Bank of America
Merrill Lynch

Exporter of the Year – Western Union

Company of the Year – SAB Miller

“Friend of Africa” Award – Africa Research Institute

“Lifetime of Enterprise” Award – Lord Sheikh

African Business Woman of the Year – Elsie Owusu OBE

African Businessman of the Year – Douglas Chikohora – Cluff
Africa Associates


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Arise News joins Freeview

Arise News has launched on the Freeview DTT platform, taking capacity on Arqiva’s recently launched MPEG-4 multiplex.

The international news channel established by the Nigerian publisher Nduka Obaigbena should reach around 72% of the UK population.

“Today, we reach yet another milestone as we launch on Freeview. ARISE News is committed to covering issues of the day and world events that matter from an uncommon perspective, engaging citizens of the world in an emerging new global order truly representing the experiences of the under-served communities often ignored by conventional media,” said Obaigbena.

“We are delighted to welcome ARISE News to the Freeview platform. Most Freeview HD homes will be able to enjoy the rich cultural and educational content available on the channel. We at Arqiva are committed to broadcasting a variety of content to offer viewers great channel and programme choices,” added Mike Finchen, director, Digital Terrestrial Television, Arqiva.

Arise News joins other news channels, BBC News, BBC News HD, Sky News, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera English HD, Al Jazeera Arabic and RT on Freeview.


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Whats On

Media Watch: 15th December – 20th December


BBC World Service

1.32pm: The Case Against Meat

The first of two programmes about meat eating. The Food Chain examines the arguments against eating animal protein. Manuela Saragosa weighs up the biological, economic and environmental costs of eating a meat-rich diet.

Why is it that the richer a country gets, the more meat people consume? Shoppers in China explain why serving meat is their way of showing love.

We hear how the answer to how much meat is healthy for us to eat might lie in our gut. And, leading American food writer Michael Pollan examines the omnivore’s dilemma – how does meat eating fit in with the urge to live a healthy and ethical life?


BBC World Service

8.32pm: The Conversation –  Advertising Execs: Nunu Ntshingila and Vasudha Narayanan

As the Chair of one of South Africa’s largest agencies, Ogilvy & Mather, Nunu Ntshingila is among the highest ranking women in world advertising. Born in Soweto in the 1960s, she learned her trade under Apartheid when both the working environment and the marketplace were racially divided. Later she had the job of marketing the ‘new South Africa’ as a tourist destination and has since overseen campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Nunu says she moved “from the struggle between black and white to the gender struggle” and talks about her limited ability to change the way black women are portrayed in advertising.

Vasudha Narayanan is the executive creative director at the Lowe Lintas agency in India. Based in Mumbai she says advertising is not an easy job – especially for women – as the unconventional working hours and frequent parties can raise eyebrows in conservative society. Vasudha says she is conscious about the influence her adverts have on society. She says: “It’s men who need to change their attitudes – we try and encourage men to behave better”




BBC Radio 4

8pm: The Report- Rape: Prosecuting Accusers

The suicide of a woman being prosecuted for falsely crying rape has raised questions about the best way of dealing with these cases.

In this week’s edition we hear the story of Paul Fensome, who was investigated and jailed after a false rape claim. His accuser was convicted of perverting the course of justice. Some say her prison sentence was too harsh and she should have been dealt with far more sympathetically. Do cases like this deter women from reporting rape, or is it the best way to get justice for men who go through the ordeal of clearing their name?



9pm: Apple’s Broken Promises

Apple is arguably the most valuable brand on the planet, making products that a vast number of consumers want – but how are the workers putting its highly desirable gadgetry together really treated? Panorama goes undercover in China to show what life is like for the workers making the iPhone 6, and reporter Richard Bilton travels to Indonesia to find children working in some of the most dangerous mines in the world, finding out what happens to the tin they dig out by hand