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New African Woman seeking Freelance Writers


ARE YOU A JOURNALIST ( a good one) looking for freelance work? We are looking at expanding our contributors network and we are especially looking to welcoming freelancers in NIGERIA, GHANA, KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA, JAMAICA, & THE USA.

Kindly write to  with a brief bio ( NO CVs pls) and at least THREE examples of your published work.

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Web Series: Brothers With No Game Episodes 1 – 8



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Tea with the Duchess Episode.3 – Guest: Sharon Rose

Singer Sharon Rose drops in for a chat with the Duchess

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Nduka Obaigbena’s ARISE Media Launches Global TV Network | Flagship Channels ARISE NEWS and ARISE 360


After two days of test broadcasting, a 24-hour international TV news operation set to rival existing giants in the global market will ‘soft launch’ today, February 4, 2013, broadcasting from its main News Centres in London, New York, Johannesburg and Lagos.

ARISE NEWS, will have a strong African footprint and serve underserved communities in the USA and other parts of the world, supported by a further eight bureaux around the globe stretching from Beijing to Rio de Janeiro.

A sister channel, ARISE 360, which will be entertainments-based with fashion, music sport and pay per view films, will start broadcasting toward the end of this year.

The ‘arrival’ of the network was announced by company executives in London and New York.

Chairman and Editor in Chief of ARISE NEWS and ARISE 360 is a leading African media entrepreneur, Nduka Obaigbena, owner and publisher of the global glossy style, fashion and culture magazine, ARISE, and the publisher of several other titles including one of Nigeria’s biggest and most influential daily newspapers, THISDAY.

Mr Obaigbena said: ‘We will attract a global audience interested in emerging markets, developing countries and evolving politics. With headquarters and bureaux throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, we are ready to speak to our audience and give them a voice as well.

We are a new international network established to reflect the new world order not hardwired to the old and built to reflect the modern way news is consumed. Nowhere is this more important than in the emerging economies.’

Mr Obaigbena stressed: ‘There will be no state funding and no state agenda. Our coverage will be balanced, comprehensive and completely independent.

‘Our efforts will concentrate on robust journalism anchored on imperatives of the marketplace.’

Rob Beynon, a former executive producer with ITN and Sky News and now International Head of Operations at ARISE NEWS, said a team of TV news experts had been assembled from around the globe.

Lyne Pitts, a former Vice President of NBC News and an Executive Producer with CBS America is heading up the US operation from a vast studio complex in New York.

Ms Pitts explained: ‘We want to present programming that truly reflects the voices of America, not just a small slice but the racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity of this country.

‘From that perspective ARISE NEWS will cover all issues education, health, politics and the criminal justice system. From Main Street to Wall Street, from the G8 to the Grammys.’

Director of US New and Operations is award-winning broadcaster Gary Anthony Ramsay who has covered conflicts from Kosovo to Iraq.

Nigerian born John Chiahemen, a former Reuters bureau chief, has been appointed Managing Editor – and Head of Africa.

David Glencorse, a former Sky News anchorman, international reporter and Royal Television Society award winner, is the Global Editorial Director of the company.

Nick Jennings, a former Head of International News at Sky News is Director of News and News Gathering.

And Gavin Hill, until recently an award winning ITV producer of documentaries is Director of Features.

James Blue, formerly an Emmy and Peabody award-winning producer with ABC News Nightline and NBC Today has been appointed Director of Current Affairs and Special Projects based in Washington.

Said Mr Blue: ‘We want to tell the untold story, the stories of achievement and celebration. So much is happening in the world of business and so much is happening in the world of culture and sports. We want to cover all of that and provide people with stories on our stations they would never see anywhere else.

Jeff Koinange, an Emmy award winning reporter and formerly CNN’s star Africa reporter will be based in Johannesburg as an anchorman and correspondent.

Debbye Turner-Bell, a former CBS correspondent (and former Miss America) will be a regular anchor for ARISE America.

South African born Heather Scott, a former Sky News anchorwoman and business correspondent, will take on the role of roving anchor and correspondent.

And Neil Stainsby, formerly a senior director with the BBC has been appointed Global Lead Director across ARISE NEWS.

Michael Wilson, formerly Business Editor with Sky News is Global Business and Economics Editor with ARISE NEWS.

He said: ‘We at ARISE NEWS see Africa as the new frontier and we know it is open for business. The markets feel the same.

In the last decade Africa’s overall growth rates have quietly approached those of Asia. According to projections from the IMF, on average Africa will have the world’s fastest growing economy of any country over the next five years. ARISE News will uniquely cover the changing face of Africa with in depth analysis.

ARISE NEWS was welcomed at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, by senior politicians and business leaders around the globe.

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said ARISE NEWS would give a boost to young people living in Africa.

The future is in the hands of young Africans themselves. The more channels like yours that can make young people proud of Africa, the more we’ll see young people seizing the opportunity’.

Trevor Ncube, Executive Deputy Chairman of the Mail and Guardian Media Group in South Africa said: ‘ARISE NEWS is the fulfilment of a dream we’ve had for some time. Unless we begin to tell our own story we’ll continue to complain about the perceptions held about Africa in different parts of the world’.

African oil baron, Wale Tinubu said: ‘I think it’s wonderful that ARISE NEWS is launching. It’s a first class step in the right direction and a logical progression from ThisDay newspaper and ARISE magazine.

ARISE NEWS will be live on cable, satellite, mobile devices, and the internet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Wherever and whenever there is a major breaking news story, we will cover it aggressively, especially on the under-reported continent of Africa,‘ said Global Editorial Director, David Glencorse.

We will take advantage of the latest technology and social media to bring real-time interaction with newsmakers and news events. Our international focus is on global news and current affairs from a distinct perspective, while ARISE America will focus on US news and current affairs through the eyes of communities currently ignored by mainstream media‘.

ARISE News will offer advertisers a unique reach amongst an affluent and influential audience.

Following the test broadcasts of last Thursday and Friday, the ‘soft launch’ phase will begin today (Feb 4) and lead to a full broadcast operation in March.

ARISE News is broadcasting across Europe on SKY Channel 234. The company is currently negotiating other major distribution deals across the globe.

Source: Bella Naija

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New web series, ‘African Time,’ focuses on individual experiences of Africans living in the United States


The lightheartedly named African Time is a lovely new web series produced by the Waave + Dada artist collective.

Each short episode consists of a different individual discussing their individual experiences as Africans living in the United States.  There are no frills to speak of, with subjects speaking directly to the camera, usually in front of a black backdrop.  Yet, many of the characters and their anecdotes are captivating enough where it doesn’t seem to matter how bare bones the whole production is.  This is especially true for the episode (video above) entitled “Smiles and Popcorn,” in which the mother of one of the series’ creators, Mawuena Akyea, discusses her confusion with what she calls the ‘cut-and-paste smile’ of white America and the absurdity of the buckets of popcorn (and refills) available at American movie theaters.  More than anything else, Mrs. Akyea provides viewers with a unique and subtly biting analysis of some of the nuances of American culture.

Not all episodes hit the spot like the one with Akyea’s mom as well as that the middle aged immigrant from Sierra Leone talking about parenting. However, every episode offers insights into American culture that only outsiders and new Americans could provide.  And that’s the thing about the African Time web series: even though the intention may be to provide a glimpse into the lives of Africans in the US, it ultimately reveals more about American society, with all of its problems and idiosyncrasies.

Article Source: Africa is a Country

Watch Episodes below;



African Tribe in India

Citizen TV traces an African tribe in India. Tom Mboya travelled to India and now brings you the story of these people, some of whom could be from Kenya.


The Siddis whose features are remarkably African have lived in the forest in a remote village in India unknown to the rest of the world. Today they have found their space in the complex Indian caste system, and their station in this hierarchy is at the bottom, slightly above the Dalits. Citizen TV’s Tom Mboya spent time in India with a tribe that has preserved their unique African heritage for centuries.


The Siddis have adopted the Indian customs and language, and over the years, certain prejudices have worked to further isolate them. So, have they sought to be empowered as a marginalised community, are there any efforts to help them join the mainstream national Indian psyche? Citizen TV’s tom Mboya was in India and takes us into the silent world of the Siddis.


The Siddis have adopted the Indian customs and language. When the idea to relocate to Africa was first mooted, the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi encouraged them to stay on referring to them as part of the Indian family. Could the presence of the Siddis be the beginning of a wonderful phase of history? In the final part of this series “African Tribe in India” Citizen TV’s Tom Mboya explores the possibility of the Siddis returning back to Africa.

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