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Nigerian Entrepreneur Re-designs Tricycle

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Meet the first Black Woman owner and operator of a nationally distributed vodka

Vanessa Braxton is the owner and CEO of Black Momma Vodka, a company that offers various unique flavors of handcrafted, gluten-free vodka. As the first African-American woman to own a nationally distributed vodka, she stays true to her motto of making…

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Being an African-Israeli: ‘Israeli Society Has Become the Most Intolerant in the World’

More Africans than non-Africans live in Israel, claims radio DJ Avishai Tzaghon Baruch. “If we take all of North Africa — Algerians, Moroccans, the Tunisians, Ethiopians, Egyptians — we have a substantial group.” Tzaghon Baruch, together with stand-up comedian Shlomo…

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kweli tv

KweliTV is Netflix for black people, by black people, starring black people aims to be the go-to streaming media platform for black filmmakers all over the world to share their content and make money from its distribution. KweliTV handpicks all of its content, with 98 percent of the content having been official…

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How Black Hollywood Is Failing The Black Press

This article was written by staff writer and producer Keyaira Kelly and was originally published by our iONE sister site Hello Beautiful. I was a budding journalist nervously going over my iPhone notes for my first red carpet interview when I noticed it. I…

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How tragedy inspired Medsaf co-founder to tackle Nigeria’s counterfeit drug crisis

Counterfeit drugs are a grave problem in Nigeria. Vivian Nwakah, a co-founder of healthtech startup Medsaf, knows this too well. Four years ago a friend of hers died after taking fake malaria medication. The counterfeit drug crisis in the West African country came to a head…

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BBC World Service appoints new leaders for East and West African Languages

The BBC World Service has appointed Rachael Akidi Okwir (right) and Toyosi Ogunseye (left) as heads of language services for East and West Africa respectively. The appointments are part of the BBC World Service’s continuing expansion in Africa. Rachael Akidi…

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We’re not a gang': the unfair stereotyping of African-Australians

It’s just after 6.30pm at the Ross Reserve in Noble Park in Melbourne’s outer south-eastern suburbs, and players from the Sandown Lions Football Club are arriving for training. They train three times a week, even during the off season. Each…

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Florida Entrepreneur Designs Affordable Sneakers For The Less Fortunate

In 2016, avid sneaker collector Javaris Neely had a desire to do mission work and decided to turn his own love of footwear into a business that benefits others. The entrepreneur and owner of Tiki Clothing Company wanted to create a quality…

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First African American Women VP of News at CBS Urges Women to Ask for What You Want

Kim Godwin is a sponge for positive input. When her kindergarten teacher told her she could be anything, she believed it. When a high school teacher told her she was a good writer, she owned that too. And when FAMU…

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