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Australia’s African Gangs | 101 East

    Aljazeera 101 East investigates the claims and counterclaims to unearth the truth behind the headlines of Australia’s African crime wave.

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Learning About Black Scottish History!

Tomiwa has a degree in history, but she still doesn’t know much about the history of Black people in Scotland. After a quick search online, she finds out so much more about black Scottish history!

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Trade no aid – The Chinese in Zambia

Bram Vermeulen discovers that years of Dutch development aid have had little result in Zambia. Are the Chinese doing better with their motto of ‘trade, not aid’?

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Portuguese back to Angola – Straight through Africa

Bram Vermeulen visits Angola, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Business is booming in this former colony of Portugal, so that many Portuguese flee the crisis in their own country to seek their fortune in Angola.

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The documentary of best bespoke shoes in Nigeria!!

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Behind Closed Doors – A documentary film on Child Sexual Abuse in Nigeria

In May 2017 I embarked on my first independent short documentary film – Behind Closed Doors – funded through a crowdfunding campaign. I travelled from London, UK to Lagos, Nigeria and worked with a small team to create Behind Closed…

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BBC Radio 1Xtra Gangs, Drill & Prayer (Documentary)

    How young Christians are using rap & drill music to lure gang members away from streets & towards God We join Enrique on his extraordinary journey from south London gangster rapper, to Pastor at just 21 years old….

No Comments / 5 View / May 15, 2018

BBC Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria’s cough syrup crisis

  In Nigeria, thousands of young people are addicted to codeine cough syrup – a medicine that’s become a street drug. The Nigerian senate estimates that 3 million bottles of codeine syrup are drunk every day in just two states…

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Ross Kemp- Libya’s Migrant Hell

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Young, Gifted, & Grinding: The Black British Hair Industry and Female Entrepreneurs (Documentry)

    Young, Gifted and Grinding focuses on innovative black entrepreneurs in Britain who are carving out opportunities for themselves and turning their passion into profit.

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