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This New Web Series Explores the Experiences of Black Muslims in Britain

  A new webseries on being black and Muslim addresses what co-founder, Mohamed Mohamed, calls an underrepresentation of the Black Muslim experience during Black History Month in the UK. The series has even spawned a new hashtag: #BlackAndMuslimInBritain. With almost 275,000 Muslims of…

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Urban Jazz Radio Presenter Opportunity

Young men and women needed to host  a Nollywood industry show on Urban Jazz Radio. As well as hosting the radio show you would also be required to represent the station at Nollywood  red carpet premieres interviewing the stars. All…

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SUNDAY BBC World Service 12.06pm: Life After Life (Documentary) The United States is the only country to sentence children to full life terms in prison. In many states, until recently, under-18s convicted of certain crimes were automatically locked up for life…

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VoxAfrica Named Channel Of The Year

VOXAFRICA THANKED their viewers and supporters following the TV station’s recent win at the 2017 African Pride Awards, which saw them pick up the title of African Channel Of The Year. Other awards handed out on the night include the…

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The Africa Channel launching SVOD offering

US-based The Africa Channel is launching a subscription video-on-demand service targeted at the African diaspora audience and others interested in Africa-themed content. Demand Africa is being touted by the broadcaster as a global destination featuring lifestyle, travel and entertainment content,…

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Young People in Agriculture- Zambia

This documentary profiles to young doctors who have given up on their medical careers to go into full time farming. It further looks at innervation’s the Zambian Government is putting in to create an enabling environment for young farmers amidst…

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startup grind

Startup Grind Lusaka hosts Maria Zileni Zaloumis (Tuzini Farms)

Startup Grind Lusaka presents Maria Zileni Zaloumis, CEO of Tuzini Farms Ltd. Maria discusses commercial tomato farming and running a business with medical precision. Subscribe, like and share Startup Grind Lusaka Startup Grind Local features incredible talks with entrepreneurs…

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startup grind

Chisha L Folotiya (Rhodes Park Group) Startup Grind Lusaka

Chisha Laurence Folotiya has been a leading and pioneering businessman in Zambia for the past 21 years. Educated in the UK, he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from Nottingham University before returning back to Zambia to head the…

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Hatzumy’s Fight: A Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Boxes in Cuba

In Cuba, where women are banned from competitive boxing, a thirteen-year-old girl steps into the ring. Producer: Ora DeKornfeld and Emily Rhyne Cinematographer: Ora DeKornfeld Editor: Emily Rhyne

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cgt africa

Faces Of Africa: The Jews of Madagascar

Madagascar is the new home for the world’s newest Jewish community. The country was colonized by France and they introduced Christianity which is practised by over 90% of its citizens. But in recent years, a group of Malagasy people led…

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