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Fury and recriminations over pirate radio station’s antisemitic broadcast

An unlicensed radio station has become the focus of a social media storm after inadvertently airing a “grotesque” spoof tape by US white supremacists. Omega FM Radio in Harlesden has apologised, sacked a presenter and gone temporarily off air after…

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The Grapevine (UK) Why Aren’t More Black People Blood & Organ Donors?

    Black people are less likely to give blood and donate organs. On this episode of The Grapevine UK, the panelists discuss the relationship between the black community and the medical industry. Are Black people unwilling to donate or…

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Australia’s African Gangs | 101 East

    Aljazeera 101 East investigates the claims and counterclaims to unearth the truth behind the headlines of Australia’s African crime wave.

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